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Blast Cleaning Machine

QYP15A Liquefied gas cylinder shot blast machine

QYP15A Liquefied gas cylinder shot blast machine
Supply Capacity
Production Capacity: 1
Packing: wooden
Delivery Date: 30-45 days

This machine is mainly used to clean liquefied gas cylinder and remove attachments including roll scale and old paint; after obtaining certain surface roughness, surface painting coating could be carried out to increase adhesive strength of paint film, promote fatigue strength and erosion resistance of workpiece, improve inherent quality of workpiece and prolong its use life.
Steel pretreatment line is mostly consisted of horizontal feed device, entry table, preheating chamber, shot blast machine, transient table, paint spraying machine, drying chamber, runoff table, horizontal cutting device, dust cleaning series, paint disposing system and electricity, etc.
1.Roll Table: consisted of horizontal feed device, entry table, transient table, indoor table and horizontal cutting device, the whole line adopts variable-frequency speed regulation to transport workpieces.
2.Preheating: the device has heating forms including far infrared radiation, steam, gas and fuel, etc and fuel, etc and makes the preheating temperature of steel reach40-70 before shot blast.
3.Shot Blast: the machine adopts many advanced high-efficient blast wheels and throws high-speed and dense shots on the workpiece surface, in order to obtain smooth surface with certain roughness and enhance adhesive strength between paint film and workpiece surface.
4.Paint Spraying: this system is chiefly composed of paint spraying chamber, paint spraying dolly, transmission device, height finding system, pneumatic control system, high-pressure no-air paint spraying pump and pipeline, etc. Paint spraying dolly on the paint spraying machine moves back and forth, its speed is regulated by frequency conversion and works alternately.
5.Drying: drying chamber is connected with paint spraying chamber, workpiece after paint spraying is transported and dried y plank chain, to guarantee the good condition of paint film an the lower surface of workpiece and make the workpiece reach the designated requirements of paint film. The heating forms are electric heating and steam heating, which will be selected by customers themselves.
6.Paint Mist Treatment: this system has two treatment forms, that is, dry type and wet type and wet type. Gas after treatment is discharged to the high sky, the concentration of three benzene organic solvent discharged should be in accordance with national emission standards for environmental protection.
7.Electrcity: electric control system of the whole line adopts PLC programmable controller with manual and automatic controlling forms. In addition, the system has central control room, electric control room, operating tables, separate control table and separate control cabinet, the control table is installed with analog screen to reveal working state of the whole line, benefiting observation and control of the whole line and promotion of work efficiency.